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Worms Zone game available for a variety of platforms, such as iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Web, including different social networks.


Easy to Play

Playing Worms Zone is easy. Control with your finger, mouse, touchpad or remote control.

Easy to Play

Many Skins

Many different skins for every taste are available to all players.

Many Skins

Appearance and delicious

You can choose the appearance of the arena and delicious to your taste.

Appearance and delicious

Fun and Attractive

A dynamic storyline and continuous fun will not let you get bored for hours.

Fun and Attractive


The game has many different tasks, completing which you will receive a chest with coins.

Thunder Gamer
Thunder GamerGamer

The game is incredible I play it all the time and the gameplay is very fun and no doubt you have lot of effort making this game.

Vital Filipenia
Vital FilipeniaGamer

Awesome game! The thing I love most of all is that you play with real people, not against the computer. My children also adore this game (although their worms don't live long, haha)

Rajnish Swami
Rajnish SwamiGamer

Very nice game. I am 2nd in weekly score. Very good.

Nikhil Naik
Nikhil NaikGamer

I loved this game playing on my sony tv..its really very addictive & u can't stop playing it.. Thanks to developer & support team

Robson Junqueira Rodrigues
Robson Junqueira RodriguesGamer

Very cool this game who made this game congratulations👏👏👏

Abert Einstain
Abert EinstainGamer

Excellent thank you. You are talented :) It helped a lot :)

Eliane da Silva
Eliane da SilvaGamer

Wow the very very good game really the wonderful game i love this game is playing too good really.

Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo MendesGamer

Muito legal este jogo da cobrinha.

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